Home Decorating Personality Quiz

You often hear that you should match your home’s design to your personality and interests, but few color swatches come with names like “Reads Paranormal Romance Novels,” “Hikes on Weekends” or “Gleek.”

To help you figure out what color palettes will best suit your personality, check out the following quiz:

What Is Your Design Personality?


You’re making big plans for the weekend. What are they?
  • A) Participating in a charity walk
  • B) Antique shopping
  • C) Inviting friends over for dinner
  • D) Touring a haunted house


You’re making your favorite dish. What is it?
  • A) An all-organic risotto cooked with ingredients from the local farmer’s market
  • B) A Moroccan tagine cooked in an authentic ceramic pot
  • C) Macaroni and cheese, with chocolate chip cookies for dessert
  • D) A decadent chocolate mousse


What’s hanging on your wall?
  • A) A batik tapestry made by an Indonesian women’s collective
  • B) Framed vintage travel posters
  • C) Family photographs
  • D) An Edvard Munch print or, alternatively, an Edward Cullen poster


Mostly A’s: Idealist. Those out to save the world will feel at home with Earth-inspired colors, such as cocoa, cinnamon, stone and taupe. In addition to choosing a natural color palette, look for products that conform to your ideals. For example, buy a green-certified carpet made from recycled materials. Pop into Hanafins Furniture and Floor Covering and we will show you our range.

Mostly B’s: Eclectic. You love authentic and vintage finds and enjoy layering colors and patterns. Try shades like rose, olive, turquoise and seafoam.

Mostly C’s: Homebody. You’re all about warmth and comfort, and you like to keep things cozy and intimate. Vary between neutral colors and warm shades.

Mostly D’s: Mysterious Stranger. You appreciate romance and intrigue. Evoke an Old World sense of fantasy with deep, rich shades of navy, purple, red and teal. Exotic hardwood floors with deep, rich hues add to the veiled allure.